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Our suite of products is designed to meet the diverse digital needs of businesses in today’s competitive landscape. With a focus on innovation, functionality, and user experience, we offer a range of solutions to help you achieve your goals.

These products create a synergistic ecosystem, allowing businesses, educators, and organizations to harness the power of digital innovation. Each tool is tailored to specific needs but combined, they provide a cohesive, efficient, and effective platform to achieve your unique goals. Explore our products and discover how INTRAZERO is redefining digital functionality and success


iTest is an advanced online examination platform equipped with AI-powered proctoring and adaptive testing. Designed to ensure fair and precise evaluations, it simplifies the assessment process while enhancing educational quality, making it an essential tool for both academic and professional testing needs.


iStudent is a comprehensive Student Information System designed to streamline and enhance the educational experience. The platform centralizes student data, facilitates effective communication, and optimizes administrative tasks, empowering organizations success.


A robust centralized database system that seamlessly connects the LMS with iTest, iStudent, and other Student Information System (SIS). This cohesive integration facilitates data consistency, optimizes system interoperability, and significantly enhances educational administrative efficiency.


Analyze, design and develop, test, rectify if needed, maintain, warrant and support entity assets (Medical & Non Medical), the system will manage the assets life cycle through our modules, this system will contain a lot of useful feature and functions that will help to improve the assets life cycle easily.

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