School System

Our LMS & SMS combined into one system provides the most advanced school system with a frontend school website, a management system, an android app and an ios app.

Feature list

Student Management

Admission, bulk import, compact student profile, student promotion, exams and much more.

HR Management

You can easily track your employees payroll , performance, recruitment , attendance system and much more.

Finance Managment

You can easily create and manage fee, expenses & send reminders to parents and much more.

Class Management

Multiple sections under class, upload academic files, section-wise class routine, attendance and much more.

Library Management

Organize books by class, issue book, keep tracking books, student book activity and much more.

Exam Managment

Question papers, grading system, intuitive marks, tabulation sheets, email alert and much more.


Organize school, send messages, group messages, sms integration, multilanguage and much more.


Easily add busses and add students to the bus, tracking the bus , real-time traffic and much more.

Full School System

Your LMS system will be integrated with the SMS which comes with a website, android app and IOS app.

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