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Unlock the Power of Online Exams with Cloud-Based Question Bank Software
Main Features
Revolutionizing Exams, Empowering Education
iTest allows educators to create an unlimited number of main and sub-groups for organizing entity and departments, providing a seamless and organized testing process.
Flexible Exams
The ability to set up different exam models and education systems, manage students' grouping, and support multiple time zones makes iTest adaptable to various educational contexts
AI-Powered Proctoring
Using machine learning, iTest provides advanced proctoring capabilities that ensure a fair testing environment, detecting any form of dishonesty and promoting academic integrity
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Analysis and Reporting
iTest provides extensive analytics and reporting, allowing educators to analyze and compare performance of different cohorts, hence facilitating data-driven decision making
Integration and SSO
iTest supports integration through APIs and SAML. This allows it to seamlessly fit into the existing digital ecosystem of an institution and provides a unified access to various platforms
iTest leverages AI for automatic grading, offering instant results for students and enabling educators to evaluate performance swiftly and easily with ability to manual marking for written answers
Exam and Question Types
iTest supports various types of exams and questions with different views and approval matrix to cater to diverse testing needs. This includes the support for mathematics and chemical equations.
Smart Paper Test
iTest allows for the creation of paper tests with randomly arranged questions, saving resources and offering the flexibility of both digital and physical testing formats with auto marking for bubble sheet
Uploaded Questions
Student Exams Created
Uploaded Students
Features and more
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Discover the Future of Online Examinations with iTest! Experience firsthand how our AI-powered proctoring and adaptive testing system can revolutionize your educational assessments. With iTest, you’ll gain access to comprehensive, fair, and data-driven evaluations tailored to meet your unique needs.